meet DOS4GW

here is another word that rhymes with shame!

So, hiphop.

A year or so passed, and I found myself working as an audio engineer at an awful place in East Perth. I won’t mention it by name, it’s still too disturbing to talk about. I was writing beats during the evening and recording adverts and voiceovers during the day. It was alright, I guess, but the strain of being in front of speakers for 18 hours a day really started to take it out of me, and I decided to take a couple of months off and record an album under my newly found moniker, DOS4GW.

The GM of the company I was working for was a real fucker. I don’t really enjoy being pushed around, so after a while his snide comments and general lack of respect got to me and I handed in my notice – and I quote “because I [couldn’t] stomach working for such an inconsiderate fuck anymore”. The really amazing thing was that after I had handed that gem in to HR, they actually tried to get me to stay! Apparently several other employees had expressed the same opinion, and had no-contact clauses written into their employment contracts. Hilarious.

On my last day, he came into the studio while I was mixing down an advert. He asked me if I had a new job lined up, was I moving onwards and upwards? I said nope, and that I was going to lie on the beach for a while. “Well, that won’t be very rewarding!” he smugly asserted.  I couldn’t let that one go, and what the hell, it was my last day. “Bet you it’ll be more productive than working in this craphole was.”

I went home, burned my tie, and got drunk. It was a good day.

The next morning I spoke to a local promoter about putting on a launch gig for a record. I went and spoke to him, booked the show, and went back home again. Then I realised that I hadn’t even started the record and that the gig was in three months. It was one of those “well, shit, come on then” moments. Three months later I managed to get 300 people (don’t ask me how, I’m still wondering how I did it) into the upstairs room at the Leederville on the night of my birthday to help me celebrate the launch of my first record, “Fetching Shoulders”, which I’ve just uploaded to my bandcamp site.

Now, it’s not exactly Bleach, but I occasionally listen to it these days and smile. Some of the tracks are pretty awful, but there’s some gold in there too, mostly because of the awesome contributions from my overly agreeable and generous mates throughout the whole thing. Yes, I rap on it. I rap on two songs. There’s Cozy Cozy which is about chess, and Onions and Flagons which is about d&d. I’d like to thank Loss again for the best lines in those two songs: “There aint no avoidin / what my broadsword’s affordin’ “. Listen to them if you dare.

The Woman is a cracker tune, I think. Glenn’s guitar and Chaircat’s vocals are great. It kinda just came together in an afternoon, which is the best way to be in my opinion. Trash was the first tune that Able and I ever worked on, and the drum loop came from a jam session that Spee and I had. Spee is an amazing drummer; he hits ridiculously hard and sits so far into the pocket that sometimes I wonder if he’s not trying to wear a hole through it to tickle your balls.

Unlocking Smoke is a silly interlude tune, but for the curious, what you can hear in the background is Glenn and I playing the MegaDrive version of MK3. For the record, I’m Sub Zero, he’s Cyrax, and I beat him down, performing a mercy and Sub Zero’s animality. The story/interlude type thing that runs throughout the album sounded like a great idea at the time, and Loss and Kym pulled something pretty special out for it. It’s a bit cumbersome though, and it breaks the album up too much, but it’s part of the record, and always will be.

Never was the first tune that Mathas and I worked on together. Still one of my favourite verses from him, and another tune that just fit nicely together in an afternoon or two.

The launch gig was a bit of a shambles. I can’t really remember how we got through a set of the songs. I remember Trash being a highlight though. By the end of it, I was tired, a bit drunk, but so very happy that it was all over. I’d written and recorded the album in two months, had it pressed and played a profitable launch that more than covered what I’d spent on pressing and postering. Even though the album probably could have been better, I had proven to myself that I could do it. A happy man went to his bed that night.

The next day I woke up feeling fresh. I thought to myself well, that’s that done. I’m going to take a whole month off writing music, just to give myself time to freshen up a bit, creatively.

That lasted maybe.. eight hours? I watched a film, and a few hours after that, I had the first track of Moderate Rock done.


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  1. Daversan says:

    Onions & Flagons ftw.

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