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she should have made her mother proud

So, I’m going over to Melbourne! Got a phonecall last night that detailed an offer that I couldn’t really refuse, and I just submitted my leave forms this afternoon. I’ll be there on from the 25th of Feb til the 28th, or so. I’ve got a gig hooked up from the Thursday night, and there should be something coming together for either the Friday or the Satdy night also. Winner! I’ll provide more details for the gig as they come to hand.

This was a bit of a surprise call up to be honest; I’d not been planning to do many gigs this year, at least not until I had the next disc ready to release. It’s an awesome opportunity though, and I’ll let y’all in on it in good time.

Hah, I just got a text from a mate saying I just got back-to-back spins on Full Frequency a few minutes ago.. sweet! Thank you very kindly Mr Mathas DJ Man!

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4 Responses

  1. H dawg says:

    That shit makes me want to listen to mmm…food.

  2. H dawg says:

    Wait, shit, this comment was supposed to be on a different post.

    That shit is confusing.

  3. DOS4GW says:

    Yeah, annoying isn’t it. Wonder if I can hack the gibson somehow.

  4. Dave says:

    let me know if you’ve got a bit of time when in melb to come in and have a chat on to and fro on rrr radio. you may be gone by sunday eve but we can pre-record? email me!

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