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Well, it’s Australia Day eve, and I’ve found out that taking today off might have been a more productive way to spend the day. Also, apparently there is a bust sewage pipe somewhere. awesome.

The trip to Melbourne is coming together pretty well; I’m crashing at a mate’s place, eliminating the pain of staying in a backpackers or crappy hotel. I don’t really enjoy staying in hotels; I think it’s because hotel staff generally treat me like I don’t belong in their precious establishment. Also, I don’t really have enough room on my credit card to throw more than one or two televisions out of windows at the moment, which takes a lot of the fun out of it. Also, my boy from Canberra is coming down for the whole time too! So so amped for that, I barely get to catch up with him in the personal at all.

I don’t really have a lot of commitments when I’m over there this time, which will be a welcome change; the last few times I’ve been rushing from point to point with little or no time to relax. I’m gonna try to hit a few things up while I’m there, including:

  • The Clemenger Contemporary Art Award exhibition at the NGV – have always enjoyed the NGV, the exhibition space is spacious without feeling too .. ostentatious. Also, the staff are really nice, which is always a plus at such things. Last time I was there, there was a landscape exhibition on, and I ended up talking to one of the their floorwalkers about Turner for about an hour. Cue pretentious music.
  • The superbikes will be on at Phillip Island, if I can motivate for it
  • The fuckin Melbourne Aquarium woooo!

…and, well.. some more city exploration. I’ve not seen much of Melbourne, aside from the CBD, so I’m keen to get out and explore a bit more, and find some more little bars and shit. I also need some new clothes.

Of course, the other course for the weekend could be finding a sweet bar, and nailing it there with Henry and Krispin until my flight back on Sunday. I’m ok with it either way, to be honest. If you’ve got any tips for awesome places to check out in Melbourne, hit me in the comments .. I’ve got pretty broad taste so anything goes.

Happy Australia Day people, try not to get too jaded or enraged by the Southern Cross tatts, carflags and yobbos on the news – I’m just looking forward to relaxing with a tinny in the sun with some mates. On a Tuesday morning. heh.

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3 Responses

  1. H dawg says:

    We can do all of that shit – we just need to avoid drinking until at least 9am, and we can maintain the productivity.

  2. H dawg says:

    PS: Rofflecopter @ teh ITM blurb on Gaslamp Killer..

    “What separates him from the rest of the herd is his extensive knowledge in psychedelic rock, demonic bass-heavy Hip-Hop, Middle-Eastern/ Indian rare grooves, and ear-piercing helicopter breaks.”

  3. DOS4GW says:

    Hahah.. yeah the helicopter breaks are what I am really after.


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