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I’m glad to see that everyone agrees with me about that Jupiter One record. As you were, people.

Havoc: what the fuck man? If you make all of the best beats in the universe, what in seven kinds of fuck are the rest of us supposed to do with our time? It’s fucking.. selfish. God damn it. I am on a mega Mobb Deep kick at the moment. I had heard Infamous years ago but it didn’t really click and I hadn’t picked up on any of their other shit since – and what a mistake that was. Listening back to Infamous now, I’m kinda puzzled. Why the fuck didn’t I like this record when I was 17? It’s fucking diamond tipped. Dip that fucker in gold.

Blood Money would have been better if Havoc had made all the beats though. MOSTLY BECAUSE HE IS A GOD.

Oh yeah – Krispin put me onto these guys – Real Live, from the mid nineties. If you hunt around, you can find the album they did on rapidshit or megalame. How fucking unreal is that beat?

So, what do sober people do on boring Monday nights? Apart from idling on facebook, of course. I’ve got that covered.

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  1. H dawg says:

    Last time I found myself with too much free time on my hands, I re-discovered video games. This may not help you much if you never really lost track of them.

    Otherwise, there’s always hookers and blow.

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