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Super busy at work at the moment but thought I’d take fifteen minutes before lunch to clear my head and bash out a post before attacking the next big bug.

In the last few weeks, we’ve instituted “tie day” at work on Thursdays. There’s only a couple of us doing it, but I’ve been enjoying it. It started when a co-worker (not a cow-orker, there’s a difference) was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t wear his new tie to work, because he felt like it’d be weird if he was the only one wearing such a thing.

For those who don’t know me personally, I work at a large Perth-based ISP, which prides itself on being a bit different, a bit more casual than the two big players in the current market. Thus, we’re not required to fully suit up to come to work, which is a blessing – we can come in pants and a branded polo shirt, or tidy jeans and a collared shirt, something like that. When we moved to the new office, they tightened up the dress code a little bit, but after a couple of months, it’s back to being pretty slack. However, I’ve started wearing pants and collared shirts every day, in an effort to try to separate “work mode” from “relaxation mode” a bit more. If I’m at my desk in blue jeans and a polo shirt, it feels like I could be at home; LCD screens, keyboard and mouse, internet, doing some code, listening to music.. it’s all too familiar. I made the switch to dressing up a bit more after Christmas, and I think it’s been helping.

Anyway, tie day. At first, I thought it’d be a one off, just to see how it went – and to make sure my mate didn’t feel like too much of a black sheep, heh. I’ve had to wear ties to work every day before, and it wasn’t great, mostly because I was too poor to buy decent shirts and ties. I’ve got some nice shirts now though, and a few wearable ties. I’ve lost my Led Zeppelin tie though; bugger. The test run went well, and we decided to have ‘tied up Thursday’ every week (and you can thank Swee for the name).

It’s got me thinking. We’ve freely made the choice to wear ties to work, and made a bit of a running joke out of it; but it’s certainly made me think about the increasing corporatisation of our workplace. We’re not exactly an evil corporation yet, but I know that since I started working here about two years ago, the atmosphere has definitely changed. Less focus on innovation, more results-oriented decision making. Less small-team unity, more pressure from executives to reach unattainable targets. I realise that this is just business logic coming to home to roost (as it probably should in a publicly listed company) but it doesn’t really foster a positive environment for developers who are supposed to be designing optimal systems, not just ones that will do the job.

I still enjoy my job, and love working with most of the people I work with, many of whom have become close friends, which I realise is a rare thing. I also really actually believe in the brand that I work for. I don’t want to lose that. It’s just sad to see cold management actively working towards pushing away the most talented minds in the company by stifling the pride they need to feel in their work.

god damn, how did I get onto that..

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