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Today has been domestic, as Sundays increasingly seem to be. We’ve got a rent inspection at El Shentona on Tuesday, and I’ll be out tomorrow night, so had to bend the back today instead – and it’s all worked out really well. Did the floors, cleaned three of the four bathrooms, did all my washing AND ironing (which is a fucking miracle), and got all of the stains in the carpet from my birthday party out, with the help of some absolutely bitchin’ carpet spot cleaner.

Lame, I know.

Actually, one thing of note that I did today was enjoying a dozy sleep in. If I’m hungover, I have to get up and do something, otherwise I find that the hangover just extends to swallow the entire day. Having been out last night (to a Community gig at the Velvet Lounge, at which I witnessed some Seriously Excellent Fucking Business of the Highest Order, more on that in another post), I found myself in the strange situation of waking up late on a Sunday morning without a hangover.

I spent $12 on soda water and lime at the gig, and it was .. ok. There’s just something about having a pint in the hand at a friendly gig with your mates. If I was to give up alcohol altogether, I think the 11pm-on-Saturday-night-at-the-Scotto pint would be the one that I missed the most. That said, I got through the night with no dramas, and didn’t come close to cracking. Hooray.

Also, I had a bit of a moment this afternoon. The cleaning was all done, and I had clothes for the week clean and ready to go. I made myself a cup of jasmine and sat down on the couch in front of the cricket. Then something weird happened. I actually felt myself relaxing. It was a very pleasant surprise. I hadn’t noticed that this experience was missing from my life previously, but it definitely was.

Going caffeine free has been hard, much harder than going alcohol free. You can get caffeine anywhere, anytime, and it’s socially acceptable to be absolutely hopping with the stuff 100% of the time – and I was overloading on it something cruel. There’s been moments this week when I’ve felt more direct and on track at work than I ever have been. There’s also been hours and hours where I’ve felt totally dead, my brain throbbing and my eyes refusing to focus. I’ve come home from work, instantly felt a migraine coming on, and written the evening off lying my bedroom with the lights off, hoping for a quick death.

Now, I’ve never been much of an all-natural type, but living with much lower chemical stimulant levels has been an amazing revelation. After this month finishes and I come back from Melbourne, I’ve got some strategies lined up to try to slowly ease alcohol back in to my life in a more healthy manner – trying to only drink on weekends and stuff like that. Living without the social lubricant that the society I live in relies upon for so much interaction doesn’t appeal to me – although I don’t plan on ever drinking another caffeinated soda.

Unless we’re having a Trailer Park Boys night and it’s got rum in it, of course.

God, I just read that back and I sound like a total yoga-enjoying yoghurt-eating tree-resident. Fuck this, fuck you, fuck off YEAAAH here’s some motherfucking REFUSED PARTY PROGRAM

As with all Refused stuff, give it a minute. And yeah I know I posted this somewhere else before but I am on a real Refused kick at the moment – also it kinda fits with my theme for the month too, what with them being straight edge vegan Marxists, or whatever.

Here’s to another week! I’m gonna go work on a beat. ah geah.

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4 Responses

  1. Daversan says:

    I find myself listening to ‘Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent’ more than ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’, even if the title of the album is slightly more wanky. Both great albums though.

    I’m ignoring the rest of your post. Otherwise I’ll have to ponder my own addictions. Which are all great.

  2. H dawg says:

    Sobrerity resonates well with me after the weekend just passed. I’ll be alcohol free until Melbs now.

    Caffeine is an addiction I shall leave battling to another day.

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