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So I was casually perusing the internet yesterday .. ok actually I was checking to see if this blog had overtaken my myspace page yet in Google’s search results for “dos4gw” (it hasn’t) and I spotted an unfamiliar search result – a review of a sampler that the good man Baddums had sent out before I played the Melbourne leg of the tour with Tomas Ford. A very favourable review in Cyclic Defrost, as it turns out. This pleased me greatly. I got in touch with the man who wrote it, and he informed me that he put 440 in a mix that he did for Monday Jazz called I’m Leaving Home.

This was an even bigger surprise. I’m not really much for self promotion, much to the annoyance of a lot of the people that I work with in my musical endeavours – so it was a real bolt out of the blue to hear a tune of mine in a mix from someone that I’d never met before, or even contacted myself. Maybe this is just noobish ‘oooh lookee’ feelings from the discovery. Meh, who cares?! woohoo! hahah. The mix is well worth a listen too; it’s a buzz to see my name on a tracklisting that also includes The Gaslamp Killer and Harmonic 313.

Anyway, many thanks to the man like neut for the hookup.  Large ones. Believe. 360.

Speaking of .. well, things totally unrelated to that, doctoredjnr has a new blog, so go and check that out. I highly recommend putting that one in the reader list, even if you don’t know him – he is an insightful and hilarious bastard.

In other news, Mathas is supporting The Motherfuckin’ RZA tonight, and I got a message from him this afternoon asking if he could use one of my new beats for a track at the gig. I couldn’t message him back fast enough. So yeah, if you’re going to RZA, listen out.

Two weeks til the Melbourne trip. I’m not counting the days yet, but I think I will start counting tomorrow.

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