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Well, I must say it’s been a weird week so far. Came back from a killer huge weekend, new people, new places, gettin’ my drank on, then BAM straight back to sensible shirts (napisan worked brilliantly for getting the bepanthen stains, cheers for that ppl) and sitting down in the office for most of the day. Culture shock, or something. I’m already planning when I’m going back next. I think I will include Sydney next time, if I can find a decent night to play at.

I got a new computer; that’s been exciting – I picked up all the parts on Tuesday and put them together that night. It’d been maybe.. five or so years since I had built a PC from scratch, but as my brother said, it’s like riding a bike, you never forget that shit. Everything has different numbers now – Core i7, P55, DDR3, SATA3 – but they all seem to fit together in the case in roughly the same fashion. It’s comforting to know that I can jam screws through motherboards and into tray risers with gay abandon and not scrape off even one surface mount component. I guess it’s also a bit bizarre, considering how fast hardware development is these days.

Things that have changed dramatically with computer assembly in the last ten years:

  1. It’s now quite hard to plug a hard drive in the wrong way.
  2. CPUs now have contacts, instead of pins – the pins are on the motherboard instead. Neat.
  3. Not much else.

Anyway, so I got Windows installed, and played me some TF2 last night to see how my old video card is holding up (I replaced my old system entirely except for the vid card, have to wait til next paycheque for that), and it turns out that it holds up admirably. Like an admiral. Full texture qual, shadows, reflections, highest AA on the list. I suppose I was putting too much trust in my old CPU – probably because it cost me so much back in the day. Post purchase rationalisation, perhaps? If anyone who’s reading owns an iPhone, can you tell me if this rings any bells? Cheers.

Can’t wait to get home tonight and play some motherfucking Anno.

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I'm putting together a new album. I'm also writing about it! hooray. shit is going to be cash.

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