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Ok, the show that I did on 3RRR in Melbourne is available for download! Just hit the To And Fro website – the download link is at the bottom of the playlist post. Thanks again to Dave for having me on. The man has even more eclectic taste than I, so I heartily suggest:

  1. Listening to the whole show
  2. Subscribing to the podcast via iTunes or RSS, or if you’re in Melbourne, just tune in every Sunday night at 8pm
  3. Sending him a Polaroid of yourself eating your favourite icecream

Anyway, I have to be quick cos I’ve got a big day on today – download the podcast and take a listen. I was deliriously hungover when we recorded it, so it should be a laugh.

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help me trust your mighty wisdom

Hooray! Got a project off to testing today. Celebrating tonight with a rousing round of Anno on the new box. It used to run like a dog on my old machine, which I suspect was caused by it being such a CPU intensive game. However with the new processor and ram, it kicks serious ass. Lots of little dudes running around, carrying hemp, trading dates with the Venetians.. amazing.

Massive weekend coming up; catching up with some mates, and then Gaslamp Killer tomorrow night, then Community gig on Saturday I think, followed by lunch at the ‘rents and then the Guerrilla Picnic on Sunday arvo. It starts around 3pm in Hyde Park in North Perth, so if you’re bored and feel like some gentle drinking to covert beats then come down.  Also, ‘Sundae’ at the Rosemount this weekend is Paper Chain / Community, IIRC. Big weekend for the local boys.

I’m also looking forward to hooking all my shit back up now that this box is up and running, and getting down to the serious beat production. I’m not worrying so much about ‘oh I have to do this or that release’ after my trip; it seems that I’d probably be better served at the moment by doing a few remixes and working on a more steady stream of material. Also, going over east for shows isn’t the big deal that it is for a band, as it’s just me and a laptop, so I can drop everything at pretty much a moment’s notice if I have to.

Ok, that’s enough rope trading for one evening. Good night world.

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wait, what?

I'm putting together a new album. I'm also writing about it! hooray. shit is going to be cash.

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