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he’s got bad luck

Fucking storm. Our house got ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffucked. Check it out. The pics are hosted offsite and I can’t be fucked putting them somewhere else, so they don’t link anywhere – but you get the idea.

One bedroom window smashed in. Two bathroom windows smashed, and one atrium window.

Outside view of smashed bedroom window. Here’s one of the awning out the back…

Fucking owned. The upstairs walkway was soaked…

…due to water coming in through the roof and the shared walls. Some serious damage was caused, mostly to an otherwise innocent LCD tv and xbox, and also these…

..which contained my fucking Amiga and all my discs, amongst other things – arcade sticks, books, other electronics. Cock. However…

..this is an image of the water missing almost all my audio gear and computers. So fucking lucky. Still, it stinks like Aquaman fucking died upstairs, so I’m going to be way behind on my remixes and beats that I’ve promised to people in the last few weeks. Be patient, they will come. Also they will be FILLED WITH RAGE.

So the storm fucked with us a lot. Broken things, wet things, smelly things – but I can still watch The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the couch, with a glass of cheap wine, so NICE FUCKING TRY NATURE – MAN TRIUMPHS AGAIN.

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2 Responses

  1. Ruxton says:

    shit man, lucky it didn’t get your new studio setup too hard though i spose!

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March 2010
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