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I am not good at this game.

Life is up and down at the moment. I’m still without internet at home, which is super totally lame. The boss loaned me his 3G dongle thing, which was nice of him – and I’ve got the tethered G1 there too, which is a handy backup – but it’s not the same somehow. I always underestimate how much of my life relies on the internet being around. Even my music suffers when the internet is unreliable, because I use it for inspiration quite a lot. A youtube clip, a tune from a blog, random noises from a flash animation… it’s the new “found sound”. I have never been great at cratedigging, and since I spend my life hooked up to a computer, I find it very easy to take little music notes whenever I hear something that I can loop up and ‘bash with a rugby boot’. So yeah, when I’m missing the most important link in the chain of my music production, I get pissy.

On the plus side, I’m going away for a little weekend break this weekend, which is going to fucking rock. Took Friday and next Tuesday off, so this week is short, and next week is super short. I forsee.. not very much happening. Great success. I’m also trying to vaguely map my next trip over east out. Definite stops at this stage are Adelaide and Melbourne. I think making it up to Sydney largely depends on finding the right night to play there.

I’m gonna be trying the DJ thing this time, since I’ve not really been 100% satisfied with Ableton for gigging. It’s fairly dynamic, but it limits track selection. Also, I think I could play a much wider variety of gigs if I was just looking for DJ slots – from hiphop nights all the way through to dubstep shows, and anything grimy in between.

Anyway, let me know if you’ve got any good people that I should hit up.

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so warm and calm inside

So a couple of the new tunes that the man like GDP has made from my beats are up on his myspace, as he’s launched preorders for his new tape (and by “tape” I mean cassette release). If you’re keen on getting a copy, get on a preorder; I don’t think it’ll be available anywhere else (at least, not in Australia). The two new tunes in his player, Muzzy and Nitro Glycerine are both my beats.

I really dig what he and the other slangcorpers have been doing with my beats. I’ve heard a couple of the other tunes and they make me very happy. New directions are always a welcome change.

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get away

Sitting in a bar called Section 8 in Melbourne. I’ve got a couple of hours to kill before a wedding that I’m attending in St Kilda. I’m here for less than 24 hours, which is a bit lame but it was all I could really manage unfortunately. I’ll be coming back in a few months anyway.

Dre is on the stereo here and I’ve decided that this place rocks. it’s a little container bar, with pallets converted to seating around a little courtyard. a place like this would fucking kill it in Perth, but sadly all the little bars opening up there now are all fairly upmarket (that is to say, they have things like carpet and chairs, the wankers).

What with it being Easter and all, the flight attendants today were wearing bunny ears and fluffy tails. it was a little surreal, truth be told.

I’m back on good beat making form; have knocked out a few bits and pieces that I had promised to people this week. still behind on my remixes though. finishing those is my goal for this coming week.

another beer? don’t mind if I do my good man!

the more I hang out in bars like this outside of perth, the more I wonder if starting a business like this would be a good investment or not. I suspect it’d be a lot of work, although my fuck it would be awesome to have a place where you could just do whatever the fuck you want. probably less expensive than trying to invest in property, which is the next logical growing up step for me, I guess.

to be honest I think I would rather have a bar.

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wait, what?

I'm putting together a new album. I'm also writing about it! hooray. shit is going to be cash.

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