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i don’t have to think

Go here, and watch the video. This dude is living the motherfucking dream.

Also CONRAD IS BACK, thank fuck. Only 9,851 videos to go to get back to the 10k mark. It’s going to be a long journey, but together we will prevail.

Hung out with Glenn last night, was good to catch up with him. Hopefully we can get The Sheeps underway this month. Son of a bitch, the name is taken… some “americana” band. Maybe we can just roll with it anyway. Or maybe change the name to just “Sheeps” ? hmm. Musically, try to think of saaay…. this ..

…crossed with saaaay this.

Bad ass. Hopefully I can find a magenta suit.

Also, check this out.

Oh yeah. Awesome.

In other news, it’s St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, something that we take very seriously at work. The venue has traditionally been Fenians in the city, but it’s in the new Subi office this year. Not sure how well that’s going to go, but it’s free, so who am I to argue? Interestingly, HR have scheduled staff photos to be taken the next day, which is going to be… well, amusing to say the least. Mine is at 9:15AM. I am looking forward to looking like a hungover bastard for the next year or two in our HR management system.

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i got a new complaint

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Roxy, the newest member of the Jenkins family. A nine year old tan doberman.

She’s one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve ever met. Dad is so much happier with a dog at his feet. She was rescued by the Doberman Association of WA, who contacted Dad to see if he wanted her after her owner was unable to keep her. She loves chewing her blue blanket, but not as much as she loves licking people.

In other big news, as you may have heard earlier, Conrad hit 10,000 videos uploaded yesterday. The man is a fucking genius. Next milestones: 500,000 channel views and 1,000,000 upload views. It’s going to be a long haul, but we are braced and ready.

Went to the football preseason game on Friday night, which was very enjoyable. I’ve done an awful lot of nothing this weekend, but I’ve got a massive week coming up so i definitely needed some time to recharge. That said, I am posting this from work. Had a few things to tidy up that I really should have had done last week. A bit lame, but it won’t take long; then it’s back home to try to finalise an EP that I’ve been trying to get together to take to Melbourne. I’ve decided to release some material that has been around for a while on my hard drive, but that not a lot of people will have heard. It’s not new stuff to anyone who .. lives with me, but I’ve not really pushed a lot of released material out properly in the last twelve months, so it’s probably time to correct that. There’s a couple of totally new tracks too, for the heads that will have already heard some of the other tunes.

The EP will be called.. um..

Alright, enough procrastination; time to get down to it.

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i need you back, oh baby baby

So it turns out I haven’t been off caffeine totally; I’ve been drinking green jasmine tea, which has some caffeine in it. When I found out this morning, I felt quite stupid. The thing is, I’m not going to worry too much about it. I’ve been feeling heaps better, sleeping much more heavily, and I’m able to concentrate for more than three seconds on things. I’ve also made some new beats which I think are amongst my best work, so that’s an unexpected positive.

It’s my two year anniversary at iiNet today. Well, actually it would have been yesterday, but yeah. It doesn’t sound like much of an achievement, but it’s actually the longest I’ve ever worked for the same company. I’ve also not been going out of my mind in those two years, which has been pleasant.

Conrad is getting very close to 10,000 videos, he’ll undoubtedly hit it this week sometime:

I am wondering if the 10k mark would warrant a shandy.

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now I’m bored and old

It’s my birthday tomorrow, woo! I’ll be the wrong side of 25 though.

I just picked up an old Hell Razah album, “The Renaissance Child“. It’s pretty fucking solid, I recommend you get your hands on a copy if you like the hip and hop. That track with R.A. the Rugged Man – Renaissance – blows me away every time. Best verse of the decade, hands down. There’s some other cracker tracks on the album too though:

Good shit.

For those waiting for the next chapter in the story about my musical evolution, I’ll see how busy I am this afternoon, and if I get through my bug list then I’ll give it a crack – otherwise it might have to wait. Ripping and uploading albums to bandcamp is a pretty long and boring process (the last one took me two hours, on and off), so I’ll see how I go.

Also, important news:

Lunch at Ess Bar anyone?

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wait, what?

I'm putting together a new album. I'm also writing about it! hooray. shit is going to be cash.

archives, innit

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