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Ok, the show that I did on 3RRR in Melbourne is available for download! Just hit the To And Fro website – the download link is at the bottom of the playlist post. Thanks again to Dave for having me on. The man has even more eclectic taste than I, so I heartily suggest:

  1. Listening to the whole show
  2. Subscribing to the podcast via iTunes or RSS, or if you’re in Melbourne, just tune in every Sunday night at 8pm
  3. Sending him a Polaroid of yourself eating your favourite icecream

Anyway, I have to be quick cos I’ve got a big day on today – download the podcast and take a listen. I was deliriously hungover when we recorded it, so it should be a laugh.

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wait, what?

I'm putting together a new album. I'm also writing about it! hooray. shit is going to be cash.

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