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SO. I’ll make this a quick one cos I’m posting from work, but I got sent this and have to post it before it flutters away.

If you follow my live shows, you might recognise this beat as one of my older ones – but the Slangcorp guys totally killed it and I fucking love how it turned out. There’s a lot more of this shit coming in the next few months too.


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don’t need a host to live

Long time between drinks. I was going so well too.

I tried to post a couple of times, but I’ve been going through a pretty lean creative patch in the last month or so. I’m not sure what is causing it, which is a bit of a worry, because I’m so far behind with beats for people and remixes that it’s getting ridiculous. Tunes are not coming at all and I’ve had very few thoughts worth sharing here. It’s not a lack of interesting events happening in my life either; I’ve been on holiday, had a few interesting career and artistic developments, and some curvy tribulations too. It’s just.. well.. I don’t know really. I do feel a lot better about things after the little holiday though.

One of the positives from the last month was discovering the latest Dillinger Escape Plan album, Option Paralysis. It’s fucking great.

I’m not sure why every says that DEP are exhausting to listen to. I don’t find them any more tiring than other similar bands (although I’m not sure exactly who qualifies as ‘similar to Dillinger Escape Plan’… just go with it). Listening to music this dense is so stimulating in a very tasty way, and I wish there was more of it. The thing I like best about this band is that they can write very catchy pop songs, cover them in razorblade vocals and get away with it.

In music related news, my next release has a home. This pleases me.

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I am not good at this game.

Life is up and down at the moment. I’m still without internet at home, which is super totally lame. The boss loaned me his 3G dongle thing, which was nice of him – and I’ve got the tethered G1 there too, which is a handy backup – but it’s not the same somehow. I always underestimate how much of my life relies on the internet being around. Even my music suffers when the internet is unreliable, because I use it for inspiration quite a lot. A youtube clip, a tune from a blog, random noises from a flash animation… it’s the new “found sound”. I have never been great at cratedigging, and since I spend my life hooked up to a computer, I find it very easy to take little music notes whenever I hear something that I can loop up and ‘bash with a rugby boot’. So yeah, when I’m missing the most important link in the chain of my music production, I get pissy.

On the plus side, I’m going away for a little weekend break this weekend, which is going to fucking rock. Took Friday and next Tuesday off, so this week is short, and next week is super short. I forsee.. not very much happening. Great success. I’m also trying to vaguely map my next trip over east out. Definite stops at this stage are Adelaide and Melbourne. I think making it up to Sydney largely depends on finding the right night to play there.

I’m gonna be trying the DJ thing this time, since I’ve not really been 100% satisfied with Ableton for gigging. It’s fairly dynamic, but it limits track selection. Also, I think I could play a much wider variety of gigs if I was just looking for DJ slots – from hiphop nights all the way through to dubstep shows, and anything grimy in between.

Anyway, let me know if you’ve got any good people that I should hit up.

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so warm and calm inside

So a couple of the new tunes that the man like GDP has made from my beats are up on his myspace, as he’s launched preorders for his new tape (and by “tape” I mean cassette release). If you’re keen on getting a copy, get on a preorder; I don’t think it’ll be available anywhere else (at least, not in Australia). The two new tunes in his player, Muzzy and Nitro Glycerine are both my beats.

I really dig what he and the other slangcorpers have been doing with my beats. I’ve heard a couple of the other tunes and they make me very happy. New directions are always a welcome change.

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get away

Sitting in a bar called Section 8 in Melbourne. I’ve got a couple of hours to kill before a wedding that I’m attending in St Kilda. I’m here for less than 24 hours, which is a bit lame but it was all I could really manage unfortunately. I’ll be coming back in a few months anyway.

Dre is on the stereo here and I’ve decided that this place rocks. it’s a little container bar, with pallets converted to seating around a little courtyard. a place like this would fucking kill it in Perth, but sadly all the little bars opening up there now are all fairly upmarket (that is to say, they have things like carpet and chairs, the wankers).

What with it being Easter and all, the flight attendants today were wearing bunny ears and fluffy tails. it was a little surreal, truth be told.

I’m back on good beat making form; have knocked out a few bits and pieces that I had promised to people this week. still behind on my remixes though. finishing those is my goal for this coming week.

another beer? don’t mind if I do my good man!

the more I hang out in bars like this outside of perth, the more I wonder if starting a business like this would be a good investment or not. I suspect it’d be a lot of work, although my fuck it would be awesome to have a place where you could just do whatever the fuck you want. probably less expensive than trying to invest in property, which is the next logical growing up step for me, I guess.

to be honest I think I would rather have a bar.

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that dull little thing


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sprinkled with emotion

Hey guys, just a quick one during lunch. I’m doing some writing at work at the moment so am feeling in a wordy mood.

I was flicking through my Reader items on the weekend, as I’ve been falling a bit behind of late. You might have noticed that I’m not posting as often either; I think it’s a result of being busy as hell at work but also struggling a little for motivation, which is a weird spot to be in. Also, my usual studio/writing/workstation space had to be totally dismantled so that the carpet can dry (fucking storm, fuck rain, etc), and it’s not going to be back online for at least another week. Lame.

Anyway I came across a post from the Division East website, about a new EP from Tame One, called “Hell Or High Water”. I had heard Tame One on a random other track, maybe from the Shape mixtape? Not sure. Anyway, really dig his flow, go check it out. This usually isn’t the sort of shit that I’m listening out for, but the really lo fi curveball kinda beats really fit Tame One’s flow. It’s A Good Thing.

The site is a bit slow but I can’t not recommend it; legal, original, free music. Go forth and download. I think my favourite track is “Can You Dig It” which features The Man From Somewhere Else, another slangcorper – he has an album up on that Division East site, so go check that out too, if you’re feeling in the mood for some underground kind of alternative hip hop business. Actually there is a fucking shitload of good alterna-east stuff on that site so get downloadening, if you’re tired of The Chronic.

Ok I’ve listened to the TMFSE album. It rocks. Go download it.

In other news, the man like Tomas Ford is launching a new cassingle this weekend. He asked me to play the show but alas I had to turn him down, family stuff. It’ll be a kickin’ show and I am a bit bummed about missing it, so make sure you check it out. It’s this Saturday at Mojos iirc. Do it.

Back to it.

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disgrace the family name

So I was casually perusing the internet yesterday .. ok actually I was checking to see if this blog had overtaken my myspace page yet in Google’s search results for “dos4gw” (it hasn’t) and I spotted an unfamiliar search result – a review of a sampler that the good man Baddums had sent out before I played the Melbourne leg of the tour with Tomas Ford. A very favourable review in Cyclic Defrost, as it turns out. This pleased me greatly. I got in touch with the man who wrote it, and he informed me that he put 440 in a mix that he did for Monday Jazz called I’m Leaving Home.

This was an even bigger surprise. I’m not really much for self promotion, much to the annoyance of a lot of the people that I work with in my musical endeavours – so it was a real bolt out of the blue to hear a tune of mine in a mix from someone that I’d never met before, or even contacted myself. Maybe this is just noobish ‘oooh lookee’ feelings from the discovery. Meh, who cares?! woohoo! hahah. The mix is well worth a listen too; it’s a buzz to see my name on a tracklisting that also includes The Gaslamp Killer and Harmonic 313.

Anyway, many thanks to the man like neut for the hookup.  Large ones. Believe. 360.

Speaking of .. well, things totally unrelated to that, doctoredjnr has a new blog, so go and check that out. I highly recommend putting that one in the reader list, even if you don’t know him – he is an insightful and hilarious bastard.

In other news, Mathas is supporting The Motherfuckin’ RZA tonight, and I got a message from him this afternoon asking if he could use one of my new beats for a track at the gig. I couldn’t message him back fast enough. So yeah, if you’re going to RZA, listen out.

Two weeks til the Melbourne trip. I’m not counting the days yet, but I think I will start counting tomorrow.

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nothing really bothers her

I’m glad to see that everyone agrees with me about that Jupiter One record. As you were, people.

Havoc: what the fuck man? If you make all of the best beats in the universe, what in seven kinds of fuck are the rest of us supposed to do with our time? It’s fucking.. selfish. God damn it. I am on a mega Mobb Deep kick at the moment. I had heard Infamous years ago but it didn’t really click and I hadn’t picked up on any of their other shit since – and what a mistake that was. Listening back to Infamous now, I’m kinda puzzled. Why the fuck didn’t I like this record when I was 17? It’s fucking diamond tipped. Dip that fucker in gold.

Blood Money would have been better if Havoc had made all the beats though. MOSTLY BECAUSE HE IS A GOD.

Oh yeah – Krispin put me onto these guys – Real Live, from the mid nineties. If you hunt around, you can find the album they did on rapidshit or megalame. How fucking unreal is that beat?

So, what do sober people do on boring Monday nights? Apart from idling on facebook, of course. I’ve got that covered.

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his smell smelled like no other

A quick post from the rock face.. I want to keep this blog up, and one post a week is not “keeping it up” in my book. Bad, bad boy.

So this is a follow up to the ‘omg drinking’ post. After a massively over-cooked weekend, I’ve decided that until I go over to Melbourne on the 25th, February is going to be dry. There’s one or two occasions at which I’ll make an exception, but other than them I want to stop the casual drinking that has been adding to my financial issues and my waistline since the Christmas break. I want to save money so that I can have a good time on holiday, and I need to do a lot of work on refreshing my set for the opening of Render. It’s an honour to be invited over to play at the opening of a night like this, and I fully intend to bring some freshness to the party.

I also intend on bringing back some of the more ‘live’ performance aspects to my live set, which I stripped out when I went on tour with the T-Ford. One of my most valued possessions is my EWI, and I am super paranoid about breaking it (erm… again) but I think standing on stage with just a laptop is A Bit Fucking Boring. I’ve got a padkontrol too, but i’m not really sure how I can work that in. Actually I have a heap of things I could bring along but I think the EWI is pretty unique in the field that I’m in, and it’s not very bulky either, which helps. I need to find a good strap and case for it though. It’s about the size of a soprano sax … does anyone have anything usable lying around that they wouldn’t miss?

Also, life news – I got inked! Lauren at Holdfast did an amazing job. I am already hooked as fuck on it, and can’t wait to get a friend for my little guy on the other arm. Although one downside is that FUCK ME IT ITCHES ARGHAGHGRHAGRHRGH.

I’ve got some sweet news about a release that I really want to drop on you all; the problem is, I don’t really know what the news is, and I haven’t really heard much about it except that it’s happening – which, let’s face it, is the most important thing. So to sum up: things are happening, and these things will be fucking dope. One point I can probably confirm is that you will need a tape deck to play this release, so go dust off your Walkman.

I’d like to finish today with my favourite track from 2009. It’s the best track from the best pop album since Hunky Dory. I am not adding any qualification to that statement; I am right about this and if you don’t agree with me then you can fuck right off.


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wait, what?

I'm putting together a new album. I'm also writing about it! hooray. shit is going to be cash.

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