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it is now my duty to completely drain you

So, I’ve discovered something interesting: the more I blog, the less I get done – less music, less work, less everything. Gathering my thoughts together seems to blow them away in a gust of initial enthusiasm. However, the new Community website will be up soon, and I’m going to be trying pretty hard to contribute to that. It looks mad, I can’t wait for it to drop.

If you don’t follow me on the twitter or the soundcloud, check out a new one here . I’ll be explaining the motivation behind it on Thursday night. What’s that you say? Thursday night? Yes indeed:

shiiiiiiiiit, I’m playing a show. I know, I know, I said that I’d be putting a stop to this sort of thing, but I couldn’t say no to Able, it’s his birthday. Also he gave me a really good slot for a weeknight gig, 9.30-10pm I think. I’ll be debuting some material there, stuff not on the internet anywhere, so if you want to hear it, you’ll have to come along. It’s cheap, plus there’s still time to catch Autechre afterwards.

So yeah, I’ve been fucking busy, actually achieving shit. Looks like Suicide will be ready to go before the end of June, which is ace. Going to be starting that off with a big promo/dj/radio/label spamout, so hit me up if you want a copy. It’ll weigh in at extended EP length – an extended extended player, if you will. Eight tracks so far.

Anyway, back to it.

Wait, no – if you dig heavy dnb, check out this mix by Zardonic on DOA. It’s heavy as fuck, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Starts off with a bit of hardcore, but skip ahead to about 8:45, and things start getting a bit more brisk.

NOW, back to it.

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i do hope you have the time

Five minutes between projects. As good a time as any to write some more.

At work at the moment, I am between Super Boring Project and Super Boring Project II – The Reckoning, so I’m not really looking forward to the next week or two. On the flip side, it’s now almost exactly a week until I fly out to Melbourne, which I am looking forward to like a motherfucker.

I’m in a bit of a spot with the Suicide EP thing. I’ve put together a draft of the whole thing, mixed, mastered, and in sequence. I’ve listened to it a couple of times so far, and there are a few points in the mixing that I need to work on, and some of the tune transitions aren’t working as well as they could. These are all easily fixable problems though.

The thing that is making me second guess the wisdom of this whole thing is that this release is totally instrumental (at least, it is at the moment).  It’s also all hiphop type beats, none of the heavy dub stuff that I’ve made of late. I really want to get it out the door before I go away, so I have something to point at during the promo spots that I’m doing, and in the media that is being sent out.

I’ve just realised that it’s a shit idea though. A couple of these tunes would definitely be better with vocals. So I don’t think it’s going to make it out before the trip.

AAAAAAARgh I’m confused. Is it better to have product out sooner that’s 90% of the way there, or is it better to keep putting it off indefinitely until it’s 99%?

Fuck it. I’ve released stuff I was 90% happy with in the past and always regretted it. I think I’ll try a different approach this time.

In other news, I had turnip soup for the first time last night, and quite enjoyed it. I’m not joking.

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look on the bright side

Just a quick one while I start my brain up again after lunch.

The new EP will be called “Suicide”. It will be finished this week, in time for my trip over to Melbourne. The price will be $pay what you like, with a minimum of $0.00. Bandcamp will be the place to get it, at first. It’ll be a digital-only release to start with.

That is all.

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wait, what?

I'm putting together a new album. I'm also writing about it! hooray. shit is going to be cash.

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